Ultra High Definition Sound On The Go

Firevibes is the child of our burning desire of raising the sound quality we enjoy day by day to a level never met before. We think we should always be able to enjoy the breath taking beauty of high fidelity music without making compromises. We think the perfect sound companion should have more than amazing quality. It should also have power to feed professional headphones, day to night battery and a design so simple and beautiful to make us love it from the first sight. But maybe more important than everything, we think the perfect sound companion should work with our existing technology. It should be able to easily receive lossless sound from any device. It should be easy to be be controlled from anywhere. Our mission is to build the perfect sound companion.

The highest fidelity portable music player ever built

Engineered to perfection, firevibes fidelity is beyond anything you ever experienced on a portable player. With a crisp and clear sound, a balanced bass and treble, firevibes is producing an authentic and natural listening experience.


You will never need a headphone amplifier or a jack adapter. Firevibes built in amplifier is engineered to feed even the highest impedance headphones and is able to do it an entire day.

The perfect sound companion

Firevibes  is more than a music player. It’s a sound companion. Aside from playing from onboard memory, you can push music from everywhere over lossless bluetooth, you can use it as a sound card and you can control it from everywhere with a suite of apps.

Simplicity. Minimalism. Elegance.

Everything we do bears the footprint of that extra mile we walk,
that makes the difference between good and excellent